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Sizing Machine for Jute Industries: Model - Id 0005H

In jute Industries it's known as Jute Dressing machine. We offer our IJ 0005H model in wider width upto 3500 mm R.S. x beam dia upto 1500 mm. We also offer double weaver's beaming attachment in same machine. We also offer narrow width dressing machine with spool creel.

Sample Sizing Machine 

To avoid the heavy loss of production in regular costly sizing machine, we have developed sizing machine known as sample sizing machine. This machine mainly consists of cone creel, sow box, dryer, sectional warper head. Weaver's can obtain sample fabrics of small length in different matching.

Aluminium Warper \ Weavers' Beams 


Warper Beam having flange dia up to1400mm
X2000 mm width


Weaver's Beams  suitable for sulzer,Tsudakoma,  
Dornier, Picanol, Somet, neopignone, Kanamaru,
Gusken Looms  Flange  dia  up to 1250 mm X 
3600 mm ril.

Sizing Machine : Model - ID 0005H

Sizing machine of above model is most ideal for sizing more than 6000 ends. This machine is having double sow box and have different version like synchro-2, synchro-4 and parallel sow box. The selection of version is most important in respect to product. This is most ideal machine for shuttle and shuttles looms.


High Speed Warping/Hydraulic Warping 




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