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Hank Yarn Sizing Plant 

Hank sizing machine is a small economical machine specially developed for handloom sector. By using this machine remarkable economy and efficiency in handloom sector can be achieved. The necessary trial has been carried out by "ATIRA" technician and they have come to the conclusion that by using this model, best efficiency and quality will be improved remarkably.

Sizing Machine For Technical Institute

This machine is specially designed for Technical Institute. The machine is very small and it is equipped with cone creel, simple mechanical sow box, dryer (Gas or electric. heating media), head stock. Necessary cares have been taken so a fundamental of the sizing process can be understood.

Pressure Cooker 

High Pressure Cooker with stirrer mostly used in sizing department to prepare size chemical for applying on weaver's beam yarn through sizing machine. The vessel is made out from SS material. Necessary direct and indirect steam heating coil is fitted at bottom of the vessel. Necessary gear box, motor, pressure gauge, safety valve, vacuum valve, drain valve, sample valve is provided.

Drum Dryer

Drum dryer are mainly used  in paper/Textile industries.Dryer is jacketed type & the diameter are 5 ft to 10 ft. in different suitable length.Contact surface   is of ss material to avoid corrosion.

Sizing Machine for Viscose and Nylon Filament Yarn: (Model Id-0005H):

This model is suitable for nylon and viscose filament yarn. This machine is very simple and economical machine suitable for process of viscose and nylon filament. This model is beam to beam sizing machine having warper beam stand, sow box having single dip single nip with pneumatic squeezing arrangement, 5 cylinder dryer and head stock with clutch type DC drive.

Ss/Copper Cylinders:


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