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Conventional Sizing Machine with DC Hyperbolic (Two Point) Drive

This model is most economical and suitable for small power loom sector. The machine is most ideal for shuttle looms like Plain Looms, Ruti 'C' machines, suitable for up to 3500 ends of medium count of Cotton / PC / PV / 100% spum polyester.

Sizing Machine with PLC Control AC Drive

This model is totally computerized specially designed for composite textile unit for having fully modernized technology loom Creel, double sow box, 2 set of pre-dryer & final dryer, head stock and fully computerized AC frequency drive with all necessary electronic instruments and controls.

Special Features :

Great Improvement in Operation.
Even Size Pick-UP.
Precise starch and tension control.
Perfect moisture control.
Available up to 3600 mm working width 1250 mm beam working.
Comprehensive PLC control AC Invertors drive.
Simple AC Invertors and DC hyperbolic drive.
Available different models for different quality of fabrics.
Most idea for shuttle and shuttles looms.
Custom design to produce high quality size beam at low cost to achieve highest weaving efficiently.
Zero maintenance machine.

Sizing Machine with Double Sow-Box(Model Id-0005H)


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